CNC Milling Services - Multi-Axis Milling Machines

Most of our 3 axis milling machines are geared up with 4th axis units and/or multi vice workholding systems which enable us to clamp up to 8 components in a single operation. This means that cycle time is extended. This gives time for the operator to do other work within cycle - such as inspection - and also reduces the number of overall operations.

What is CNC Milling?

Milling is just one of the services offered by precision machinists. Computer numerical control (CNC) is programmed code that forms a set of instructions for precise movements to be carried out by machines. Indirectly, this code defines how to automatically create or change a 3d design object into a real one.

Using advanced computer software that transforms numerical code into Cartesian coordinates, our engineers are able to create complex 3D shapes from a multitude of materials by applying this subtractive technique to with the assistance of multi-axis milling machines.

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3 Axis Milling

Traditionally, the milling process operated on two axes -the X and Y referring to the two elements of the part which is moved during rotary filing. In three axis machining, the third axis refers to the cutting tool that also moves across the part to create complex shapes, sharp edges, holes and slots to ‘mill’ the part. This is a widely used technique for creating mechanical parts in bulk, by repeating the process using computers to operate the processes routinely. The simplicity of these machines allow material to be removed from the raw source back to front, side to side and up and down.

4 Axis Milling

Similarly to 3-axis machining or ‘milling’, the same 3 axes are used for X, Y and Z to remove material from the initial piece to create a new shape. However, the addition of a 4th axis - the B Axis, the CNC milling machine is able to include rotation around X Axis (this rotated area itself is called the A Axis). To simplify this, the 4th axis allows us to cut around the B-Axis which means the workpiece will be rotated to allow for cutting holes, cut-outs in the side of a piece or around a cylinder.


5 Axis Milling

Speed and accuracy are essential to our customers, which is why we utilise one of the fastest 5-axis milling machines in the world. 5-axis CNC milling machines allow us to manufacture more complex components, thanks to the ability to orientate the component to any position or angle. We mainly use our five axis machines for high speed surfacing on complex aluminium components, but they can be utilised for a variety of designs. Our 5-axis Machines are one of the fastest machines in the world for high speed machining.