5 Axis CNC Milling Services

5-axis CNC milling machines allow us to manufacture more complex components, thanks to the ability to orientate the component to any position or angle. We mainly use our five axis machines for high speed surfacing on complex aluminium components, but they can be utilised for a variety of designs.

Our 5-axis Mikron Machines are one of the fastest machines in the world for high speed machining – these machines are able to surface aluminum at speeds of 36000 rpm and can move at speeds of up to 90m per minute. Our Hermle C32 machine offers less speed (18000 rpm) but more power, enabling us to carry out jobs that require more material removal. We also have over 20 3-axis and 4-axis VMCs which are regularly used for less complex requirements.

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What is 5-Axis Milling?

A 5-axis machine allows you to work on every surface of a raw piece of material, apart from the clamping area and the bottom. When working on parts that require machining on several faces or contoured parts, you need several setups of a 3-axis machine to achieve the complex geometry through manual rotating. Hemlock’s 5-axis machines complete the job in a single set up, with multiple tools able to achieve intricate shapes in one process.

Quality Control

We choose only the best equipment to generate the best output. Our choice is the expertise of the Mitutoyo CMM. Mitutoyo is the worldwide leader in the development of output gages, data collectors and analysis software. In addition, the one-of-a-kind technological advancement of Mitutoyo paves the way for us to push measuring accuracies into the micro-meter range. A Mitutoyo CMM is designed using the latest CAD techniques and we are proud to incorporate this milling giant into our day-to-day production at Hemlock. The latest CAD techniques that complement a Mitutoyo CMM produce an output that is not only of unfaltering quality, but is also made from the best materials. The unparalleled technological expertise of the leader in metrology enables the combined skills of both Mitutoyo and Hemlock to produce any CNC milled output in a timely manner, which is essential in this naturally fast-paced industry.